Plastic Stents

Compared to the endoscopy metal stents, endoscopy plastic stents are more cost-effective, and if the drainage is always unobstructed, the endoscopy plastic stent can be removed, while the metal stent is difficult to be replaced after installation. The choice of stents should be treated according to the specific situation. Under normal circumstances, endoscopy plastic stens are generally used for benign biliary diseases.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Plastic Stents
What Is The Advantages Of Biliary Drainage Catheter?

In a short time after the operation, when there is edema near the surgical wound, the biliary drainage catheter can ensure that the bile can flow out, so that postoperative acute cholangitis will not occur.

The drainage tube is very thin so that the patient will feel less pain.

ERCP also allows internal biliary drainage and avoids the external catheter drainage that most patients dislike, with relatively small trauma, and the drainage tube will not be placed for a long time.

Types Of Plastic Stents
Types Of Plastic Stents

The most commonly used plastic stents are stents with side holes and straight or curved side wings, and double pigtail stents that prevent displacement. The common stent sizes are 7Fr, 8.5Fr, 10Fr, and the stent lengths are from 5 to 15 cm.

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