SHOW Stents

Micro-Tech's SHOW stents are mainly SHOW Catheter and SHOW SEMS. The purpose of placing SHOW stents is to keep the biliary tract open, can provide effective drainage for benign and malignant biliary obstruction. As physicians' emphasis is increasingly placed on controlling costs and limiting hospital readmissions, SHOW stents can help shorten procedures, and at the same time, the operating room turnover is also improved.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy SHOW Stents
SHOW Stents FAQs
What stents Micro-Tech supply?

Micro-Tech supplies SHOW Catheter and SHOW SEMS, which can make the repositioning much easier.

What's the advantages of SHOW stents?

Compared to other stents, SHOW stents are able to streamline procedures, effectively reduce the time of operation.

Where can SHOW stents be used?

SHOW Stents can be applicated in digestive tract with ERCP.

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