SHOW Stone Management

Micro-Tech's SHOW stone management refers to the instruments aiming to remove the stones or foreign bodies efficiently. It mainly includes SHOW stone extraction baskets and SHOW Sweeper Stone Extraction Balloons, suitable for removing gallstones or foreign in the bile duct, which is for single use.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy SHOW Stone Management
SHOW Stone Management FAQs
What is the advantage of stone management of SHOW system?

According to statistics, stone management of Short Wire system shortens the treatment time, facilitates the operation of bile duct stone removal, and improves the treatment efficiency.

How are stones removed from the bile duct?

ERCP is often used for stones removal from the bile duct, which is a minimally invasive procedure combined with x-ray and upper endoscopy.

Why use ERCP to remove the gallstones?

The ERCP technology can solve the root problem (remove bile duct stones) without surgery. Compared to traditional surgery, it has the advantages of less trauma and quick recovery, which has become the first choice for the treatment of common bile duct stones.

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