Balloon Inflation Device
Balloon Inflation Device

Balloon Inflation Device

The Multi-Stage Balloon provides 3 distinct sizes at set pressures and features little to no waisting. The clear material and balloon design supports visualization throughout the procedure. The Single-Stage Nylon Balloon provides high tensile strength and accurate sizing, at the maximum pressure, with no waisting.

Balloons are available in sizes from 6mm to 20mm with a pre-loaded .035 guide-wire, to facilitate placement in complex strictures or tortuous anatomy


The Micro-Tech Inflation Device was designed to accommodate smaller hands, featuring a lever-lock.

  • Lever-lock controlled with the holding hand

  • Plunger moved to prime, inflate, or create a vacuum

  • Luminous dial includes atmosphere on the outer scale for clear visualization

  • Priced competitively

  • 60mL single-use syringe includes a fill mark for Micro-Tech Balloons, in combination delivers significant value


Disposable Balloon Inflation Device
BID-15-60-01Micro-Tech Balloon Inflation Device 60 ml with lock

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