Cardia Stents
Cardia Stents
Cardia Stents

Cardia Stents

Treatment of cardia is mainly associated with two complications. Firstly, the stent has an increased tendency to migrate at this point. Secondly, a stent end may protrude far into the stomach and cause pressure necrosis. The Cardia Stent by MICRO TECH is a specially designed stent perfectly tailored to this challenging anatomical diagnosis.

Its unique design gives the Cardia-Umbrella-Stent extremely high positional stability and prevents its migration in both the gastric and oral directions. The special feature here is the fact that the lower oesophageal sphincter lies between the bulbous section and the distal end of the stent which is shaped like an opened umbrella. Furthermore, the stent does not protrude into the stomach as a result of this umbrella-shaped design, ending directly behind the oesophageal gastric junction. The risk of pressure necrosis is thus markedly reduced and any potential patient discomfort is decreased.

Cardia Stents

Successful in practical use

The inverse view from the stomach of the distal end of the stent shows how the umbrella end clings to the gastric mucosa directly behind the cardia without protruding into the stomach. From the perspective of the oesophagus into the stent, the bulge before the cardia and the shaping of the stent in the area of the cardia can be clearly distinguished. Both guarantee excellent positional stability for the stent.

Keeps its promises

Together with the high radial force, the spherical proximal end and the complete covering, the innovative umbrella design guarantees ideal hold in the area of the cardia. Radiopaque markers in prominent positions ease the placement of the stent under radiological view.



  • Unique umbrella design

  • Self-expanding

  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends

  • Excellent positional stability

  • High radial force

  • Resistant and elastic covering

  • Fully covered stents available

  • High radiopacity

  • Extraction threads for removal and repositioning

  • Compatible guide-wire up to 0.035 inches


Cardia Stents
REFStentDelivery System
Body O.D. (mm)Expanded Length
Catheter O.D.
Working Length
Cardia Stents Partially-Covered
Cardia Stents Fully-Covered

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