Esophageal Stents

Esophageal stents is made of nitinol products that can expand by itself, with elasticity, flexibility and high memory. The shape of the esophageal stent is horn mouth shape, a cup mouth shape, a spherical shape, etc., at one or both ends. Both ends of the stent are smooth, without sharp corners or burrs, which significantly reduces damage to the esophageal wall.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Esophageal Stents
Types of Esophageal Stents
Types of Esophageal Stents

Each company has developed various esophageal stents. And in Micro-Tech, esophageal stents can be divided into different types, such as covered esophageal stents, anti-reflux esophageal stents, cardia stents, softcup esophageal stents and segmented stents and so on. Each type has its advantage and application, which depends on specific condition.

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